Music – Hateflowers


This was my first serious band – Hateflowers. Along with Cody Stone on Drums and Erik Tasa on Bass / Vocals. I played guitar and did vocals.

The three guys from this band went on to play in Bone Club, Sadie Foster and Marcus Noise. More recently – Rockford Mules and Milk Shoulder. A few other bands that happened in between – Mary Hits Hard, Idge and wasn’t there something with a three in it?

Anyway, it was a long time ago. It was sure a bunch of fun, and hey it didn’t sound that bad.

I played guitar and did vocals on this song called “Pretend Awhile”. It’s sort of a political song, with some lyrics that now strike me as funny. To be young and have hope was fun.

Click on the title in the logo below to get access to all the songs. This song “My Sweet Andre'” has one my favorite guitar riffs that I have created. I think I came up with it in Eric Tasa’s living room.