Poetry – Who will…


Who Will…

As I pull my wool over my eyes
I start to get headaches but soon I recover
I think in a dream, but it never comes true
I constantly explore but never discover

I cower from facts, and intersect with fiction
my mind sputters and my mouth stays silent
I shake and worry but never speak out
I would wait for results but never am patient

I see a world where I am smack dab in it
out of the shadows and into a bright light
I run from the visions of dumb spoken answers
never, ever standing up and putting up the fight

scared is a ocean of long lost dreams
with special needs and hyper lost teens
more then twice the age but never to act it
there are many ways but never the means

I would speak with a listener and try to get better
hypnosis and mind melding self exercised trouble
drowning in responses of how do you really feel
realizing opening up is not my real thing

who will discover what happens inside minds
who will reach into my soul or yours
who will touch things that you never get over
who will discover what really makes you – you.