Rift Magazine – The History

issue1 - april 2004.qxd

I don’t remember what drove me to start a local music magazine in the early months of 2004, but something was driving me. Another local magazine had folded just recently, and I think I felt this town needed something mid-level underneath the bigger weeklies that were coming out. Continue reading →

I built a windmill


See this picture of a windmill, I put that sucker up. I hired a crane, cement truck, a huge digger type thing ( a backhoe)  and even got someone to go to the top to get it in there. It was pretty crazy; it was a very hot day and I was sweating all over the place. That thing is still standing; the last I looked. There is a metaphor for life in the whole thing, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

Art – Big Foot


Another one of the quick web art series. This one has the tagline – “Bigfoot – I also heard he has a big mouth. He likes to spread rumors about himself.”

Art – Background Network


This is one of the first things I did in Illustrator when I was just learning it. I did this for my Dad, who’s company was looking for artwork for a brochure or something. I am not sure if he showed it to them, but he said he really liked it.

Art – Hey Kool Aid


I did a series of images which I called  quick art, where I took an image from the internet messed around with it and captioned it. This one has the title – “Hey Kool-Aid – What are you going to do about childhood obesity”. I thought it was funny. I did about 5 more of these I will put up soon.

You have to start somewhere.


First a quick blurb about me. My name is Rich Horton, hence richhorton.com. I am forty-three years old. Throughout my life I have been in bands, published a magazine, started a record label, and a few other businesses, and did a variety of other exciting projects. I live in Northeast Minneapolis with my wife and two kids and have worked a day job for most of my adult years. Continue reading →